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Organizing poker parties at home has now become a fashion, especially on weekends and on holidays, friends normally wants to gather and play some home poker games as it is becoming American men’s most favorite pastime. This way you can spend time with your family and friends at the same time. Hosting a home poker game is not very difficult, if you keep a few tips in your mind.

How Many Guests or Potential Players?

The first and foremost step is the formulation of the list of guests or players, you can invite as many people as you want but you should arrange the space and food accordingly.

Plan the event properly

After the invitation and list formulation, next step is to decide the format of the party. Normally people will start showing up around the lunch-time. You also need to design how are you going to play poker, single game or tournament. A good host is one who decides everything long before the actual event as to avoid any miss-management. The type of poker that will be played is also a matter of concern. Texas Hold’em is probably the safest choice as it is the most popular game and most people already know how to play it.


Send out invitations via the telephone, Internet (via emails) or a person may send out actual invitations.

If you are hosting the party for the first time, you may have to arrange all the materials, long before the actual event, like several decks of cards, chips and even a playing table, else you can utilize any table from your home.

Always invite friends in advance, atleast 1 week prior to the actual event. So that they can easily schedule out time for your party, request them to confirm their presence so that there will be no over-crowding.

Home Poker Game Details

If you are arranging the poker star party for the first time, you should research the game very well over Internet, and formulate all the rules before starting the first game. This will prevent you from any miss-management. It is also advisable if you can get a few prints of some easy games for your guests who do not know how to play poker.

Food and Drinks

Always arrange ample food and drinks, you can always go with the option of home delivery. It is always great to have some snacks always by the table. Snacks like nachos, bite sized pizza, crackers, candies, pop-corns and cookies are always very economical options. Make sure if you are inviting friends with their children, always have a few cartoon movies ready for them. Always order food in bulk, as in these parties, food is wasted a lot by friends and children. Remember your party should never be short of food.

Hosting Home Poker Games

Hosting a poker game is not just fun but a great means of gathering friends and family too. To make your party flawless, it would just require little effort and planning. If you plan your event well in advance, you will be saved from all the hassle and your friends as well as your own family will get to enjoy the party fun too.