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Getting Over Poker Addiction

There are several remedies that can work for a gambling addict. However, the person who is so hooked to poker has to first acknowledge that indeed there is a problem and the problem needs a solution. A poker player, who consistently denies playing poker only to sneak into a casino without being noticed, may be hard to help but still, he can be talked into accepting the existence of the problem.

The first people that addict needs are the closest family and friends. When an addict is determined to stop gambling, it becomes easier for him to see to it that he strives towards stopping the habit on the grounds that it might be causing trouble for him. The family needs to see him through this stage by making the fellow miss home and having fun with the people he loves. In most cases, men end up in casinos because of the tough situations in their own homes, especially nagging and over demanding wives. There are better means of solving domestic issues than trying to drown one’s sorrows in a pub or risk life’s savings in gambling.

Some people start out as petty pass time gamblers who go to casinos with friends to pass time and bond. However, in later stages, they discover the value of money that poker can fetch and they end as compulsive poker players. This can easily be reversed by doing something different to pass time, as opposed to gambling. These activities may include registering in a gym where one heads to after a day’s work as opposed to the casino. By so doing, the unpleasant behavior is replaced by the good value-adding behavior which has no risks.

Further to that, poker addicts can conduct a reality check on themselves and as a result, help get over the poker obsession. In case a player has been gambling for some months, there are indicators that may show if there have been benefits or constant losses. A team that continuously loses every game may not be worth cheering at all as it causes more problems to the funs than joy. If a player has lost more money than he has won in like six months, then poker is not doing him any good. It may be fun, but losing one game after another is a red light. What of the family and friends? Are they happy? A reality check would enable someone weigh the cons and pros and decide on the next move.

Since most poker players are into the game for financial reasons, finding another source of income can be helpful. This can be done by investing into a real business of interest so that a stable stream of income is realized. The business should be an activity that thrills the person so that he may love overseeing its operations. Capital may be a problem but getting a bank loan to open up a business is more reasonable than borrowing money from people to gamble with.

Poker addiction can realize some benefits to the addicts especially if the player feels more motivated and wins money from it. However, if the addiction threatens someone’s financial freedom, then it needs to be avoided like plaque.