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In simple terms, blogging can be defined as the posting of any kind of content on a blog. A blog is a website or at least a part of it that keeps updating new content. Blogs commonly display content in a reverse chronological manner. The majority of blogs are operated by individuals who vent their thoughts in the form of commentary, photos, videos, descriptions of events and so on. Most high quality blogs operate interactively allowing visitors to leaves messages and comments on content posted. A person who runs a blog is known as a blogger and the collective community of blogs is referred to as Blogosphere.

Blogging is very common today since it allows everybody to network with one another. Blogging has also become a common tool for search engine optimization SEO since search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing know that a blog is regularly updated with material or comments from visitors, so their spiders visit blogs often searching for new material to incorporate in their index. In addition, blog content can be sent automatically by the use of electronic RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication data feeds. Visitors regularly receive the feeds of a blog so as to keep abreast of all the updates and the material that is being posted on issues that appeal to them the most. Blog feeds are then picked up by a software, generally available free of charge, so users can search for latest blog posts of concern on the blogs. Additionally, blogging does not necessitate that contributors and writers be acquainted with HTML Web page code. If a visitor or blogger can fill in a form online, they can be able to blog or voice out their opinions in form of comments on other blogs.

Many blogs offer commentary on a specific topic while others serve as more individual online diaries and yet still others operate more as online brand marketing of a specific individual or business. A major characteristic of a blog mixes together text, images, links and videos to other blogs or Web pages, and other media connected to its topic. The facility of readers to leave comments in an interactive set-up is a vital part of virtually all blogs. Most blogs are mainly textual, although a number of them focus on art, which is called art blog, photographs known as photo-blogging, videos known as video-blogging or vlogging, audio podcasting and music MP3 blog. Micro-blogging is another form of blogging, which features especially short posts.

By the year 2004, blogging had become more mainstream as news services, political consultants and candidates started to use them as tools for opinion forming and outreaching. Governments have also acknowledged the impact of blogging upon the mainstream media. Israel is one of the first nations to set up an official government blog. Blogging will become even more popular in the future as more and more people turn to the internet for information and entertainment, while less and less individuals are reading newspapers and magazines.