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Why Full Tilt is the #1 Poker Room

The same company that owns PokerStars now owns full Tilt Poker. This means that you can expect the same level of service at both of the poker rooms. There are minor differences between the two poker rooms and some feel that FTP offers the best experience.

Excellent Independent Software Suite

As long as you don’t require mobile gaming, Full Tilt Poker offers a great software suite on Windows and Mac. Full Tilt isn’t part of a network, but they still have the second most daily average players (real money) and the software is always operating without issue.

Full Tilt has developed features to make finding a cash game or tournament easier than any other poker room. If you want to play an $11 turbo sit and go tournament with six players you can set the filters in the lobby to find that exact tournament in seconds.

I also feel that they have the best table designs and avatars. Full Tilt has 3D avatars ranging from a pirate to a hockey player sporting a black eye. There are multiple table designs as well including a Vegas poker room, log cabin and simple coloured table skins.

Great Loyalty Program for Active Players

If you don’t play often, then the Edge Rewards program won’t be that beneficial, but active players can earn a lot of money and perks by qualifying for the Black Card. To qualify for the Black Card you have to have a 100-day rolling average of 500 FTP’s per day.

Only the most active grinders will meet the requirements for the Black Card program, but if you become a member you’ll be able to earn double FTP’s every time you play, you can convert 200 FTP’s for $1 and you can potentially earn a sponsorship deal from FT.

Even if you’re not that active you’ll be able to pile up the points and use them towards cash bonuses or tournament tickets in the VIP store, which can be accessed from the cashier. Full Tilt is constantly evolving Edge Rewards to make it more rewarding for everyone.

Unique Promotions for Every Country

Full Tilt has a lot of unique promotions you won’t find being offered at many other poker sites, if any. For starters, you can earn live poker tournament seats to the UKPT, Eureka Poker Tour, BSOP, ANZPT and the Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival, which is now back.

The FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) runs once or twice per year and features tons of big money tournaments. Players can earn seats for free or even purchase them from the VIP store with FTP’s. It’s one of the biggest series in all of online poker right now.

There are plenty of freeroll tournaments, a big sign-up bonus, regular reload bonuses available and happy hours. From time to time FTP has hosted special localized promotions available to players in a certain region such as the UK, Asia or Eastern Europe.

The only thing that would make Full Tilt Poker better right now is more traffic and mobile poker. If the traffic grows, then the prize pools and promotions will increase as well. The game selection is expansive, but there are times when games take awhile to fill up.

Poker In Hollywood – Classic Poker Movies And Scenes

Gambling and Hollywood has a close connection that many poker fans may have missed noticing, which is why this article aims at rectifying this oversight for all poker fans who are movie lovers too. Take a look below at some interesting, thrilling, incredibly strange and even classic poker films that have given the card game loved in America, European and now the world over some of the best lines and scenes through the past 100 years!

Smooth and often slick card playing has often been used by Hollywood filmmakers to add a zing to their movies, especially those with an adventurous gambler in it. Some of course, clearly demarcate the good from the bad and it is not unknown to find casinos and smoke rooms associated with indecent or immoral characters or to indicate the contrast between right and wrong too. However, silly scenes like in ‘House of Games’ and movies like ‘Maverick’ and ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ only focus on the improbable side of poker gaming.

To take a look at poker down the years, the very first record most cine fans have of a poker movie is the oldie titled ‘A Cure for Pokeritis,’ released in 1912, in which a wife thinks she can remedy her husband’s style of losing poker games.

But just like the absurd thing that always draws attention and generates talk, of which we have spoken in regard to movies, there have also been some really good card playing scenes shot in Hollywood. This includes a movie titled ‘California Split’ released in 1974. Poker fans agree that till date this is one of the best cinematic attempts on portraying an authentic story of sports betting, card games and typical gambler characteristics, like sleeping well into the afternoon! Except for its weak ending and poor audio quality, the movie by Robert Altman (of Mash television series) was a sincere attempt at capturing the true spirit of the game. Elliot Gould and George Segal who pursue the game for a heady rush essayed the characters of Gardena poker players. The movie also stars Amarillo Slim, a renowned World Series of Poker champion!

Then there is the 1973 release, called ‘The Sting’ where the storyline revolves around a boozy cheater played by blue-eyed Paul Newman who manages to out-hustle another cheat portrayed by Robert Shaw in a board poker game set aboard a train by needling the latter! This film highlights the sophisticated poker game where polite veneers hide actual strategies for winning the pot!

Another really fast-paced poker movie is titled Run (released in 1990) with Patrick Dempsey as the protagonist who is involved in an illegal card game just to kill some time; the movie is set in the period before casinos were licensed to operate in New Jersey. It shows good poker etiquette with the hero tipping the dealer and an authentic reaction of the protagonist to the second-hand smoke generated in typical poker rooms. The climax of the film shows a violent player forcing the hero to draw a single card, indicating a twist in the tale in what viewers get to learn about Gestapo poker.

And of course, how can any list for films be complete without mention of the 1950 classic, ‘The Gunfighter’ starring Gregory Peck as a fierce gunfighter representing the Wild, Wild West who, though wanting to settle down to a nice, quiet life, must keep up his notoriety just because regular squirts want to mess with him to earn a name for themselves. Two great poker scenes consist of a regular dispute between 3 old coots and the next is staged in a barber shop where townsmen try to talk a new man entering the local salon into joining their game, but he refuses with the famous line, “I wouldn’t sit in this game with cards I made myself!”

Blogging Your Way to Happiness

The internet is a beautiful thing. Essentially, a person can do anything in the world on the internet, and more. You can shop, you can plan a vacation, you can learn everything there is to know, and you can keep in touch with anyone in the world. An estimate suggests that around 12 million American adults blog. It is one of the internet’s favorite pass times. Not only is it fun to write them, but it is fun to read them. About 37% of blogs are about people’s personal lives. It is much easier than writing a book, so easy in fact, that it is almost like keeping a journal. Many people become seemingly addicted to blogging, writing every day, for hours and hours and hours. There are blogs about politics, food, cats, places, people, and even everyday activities. If you love to experience the world through other people’s eyes, reading a blog is perfect. On the flip side, if you believe you have an amazing life, then you would benefit from starting a blog.

What Blogging can do for You?

Aside from giving and getting personal enjoyment, blogging opens up an entire world of other opportunities. More and more businesses are utilizing blogs to keep their customers informed about their current products and services, as well as about new and coming ones. It is an Ria money order amazing marketing tool for anyone. If you want to promote yourself, a blog can help you to get your name out. Many freelancing artists and writers alike use blogs to show others their work. Of course, sometimes there are people in life that just… rub you the wrong way. Good news! You can rant and rave all about the people in your life that you hate, and all of the ways that you would like to see misfortune fall upon them. Of course, it is best to be careful, and if you create a blog such as this, it is highly recommended to use a pen name or remain anonymous.

A few things to keep in Mind about Blogging:

One of the main things to keep in mind is that if your blog is horrible, no one will read it. Do not provide content that is grammatically terrible, misspelled, and barely legible. Even though it is like a diary, it is not. Many people forget the amazing tool that was invented: spell-check. Another important thing to keep in mind is to figure out a way to create an archive for your blog. Many blogs are organized by date, and are part of a searchable database. Not only is this important to keep track of them, but some people would be interested in reading some of your other material. Most people have a goal of what they want to achieve through their blog. Not all blogs are aimless ranting. As with any goal, it is best to write it out, and develop a strategy to get there. A final, very, very important thing to keep in mind about your blog: Not everyone will like your blog. Whatever you put out on the internet is subject to criticism. If you allow comments on your blog, you need to moderate them carefully. Of course, blogging is an amazing opportunity, and you can even make money off of it. Happy blogging!


In simple terms, blogging can be defined as the posting of any kind of content on a blog. A blog is a website or at least a part of it that keeps updating new content. Blogs commonly display content in a reverse chronological manner. The majority of blogs are operated by individuals who vent their thoughts in the form of commentary, photos, videos, descriptions of events and so on. Most high quality blogs operate interactively allowing visitors to leaves messages and comments on content posted. A person who runs a blog is known as a blogger and the collective community of blogs is referred to as Blogosphere.

Blogging is very common today since it allows everybody to network with one another. Blogging has also become a common tool for search engine optimization SEO since search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing know that a blog is regularly updated with material or comments from visitors, so their spiders visit blogs often searching for new material to incorporate in their index. In addition, blog content can be sent automatically by the use of electronic RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication data feeds. Visitors regularly receive the feeds of a blog so as to keep abreast of all the updates and the material that is being posted on issues that appeal to them the most. Blog feeds are then picked up by a software, generally available free of charge, so users can search for latest blog posts of concern on the blogs. Additionally, blogging does not necessitate that contributors and writers be acquainted with HTML Web page code. If a visitor or blogger can fill in a form online, they can be able to blog or voice out their opinions in form of comments on other blogs.

Many blogs offer commentary on a specific topic while others serve as more individual online diaries and yet still others operate more as online brand marketing of a specific individual or business. A major characteristic of a blog mixes together text, images, links and videos to other blogs or Web pages, and other media connected to its topic. The facility of readers to leave comments in an interactive set-up is a vital part of virtually all blogs. Most blogs are mainly textual, although a number of them focus on art, which is called art blog, photographs known as photo-blogging, videos known as video-blogging or vlogging, audio podcasting and music MP3 blog. Micro-blogging is another form of blogging, which features especially short posts.

By the year 2004, blogging had become more mainstream as news services, political consultants and candidates started to use them as tools for opinion forming and outreaching. Governments have also acknowledged the impact of blogging upon the mainstream media. Israel is one of the first nations to set up an official government blog. Blogging will become even more popular in the future as more and more people turn to the internet for information and entertainment, while less and less individuals are reading newspapers and magazines.


Organizing poker parties at home has now become a fashion, especially on weekends and on holidays, friends normally wants to gather and play some home poker games as it is becoming American men’s most favorite pastime. This way you can spend time with your family and friends at the same time. Hosting a home poker game is not very difficult, if you keep a few tips in your mind.

How Many Guests or Potential Players?

The first and foremost step is the formulation of the list of guests or players, you can invite as many people as you want but you should arrange the space and food accordingly.

Plan the event properly

After the invitation and list formulation, next step is to decide the format of the party. Normally people will start showing up around the lunch-time. You also need to design how are you going to play poker, single game or tournament. A good host is one who decides everything long before the actual event as to avoid any miss-management. The type of poker that will be played is also a matter of concern. Texas Hold’em is probably the safest choice as it is the most popular game and most people already know how to play it.


Send out invitations via the telephone, Internet (via emails) or a person may send out actual invitations.

If you are hosting the party for the first time, you may have to arrange all the materials, long before the actual event, like several decks of cards, chips and even a playing table, else you can utilize any table from your home.

Always invite friends in advance, atleast 1 week prior to the actual event. So that they can easily schedule out time for your party, request them to confirm their presence so that there will be no over-crowding.

Home Poker Game Details

If you are arranging the poker star party for the first time, you should research the game very well over Internet, and formulate all the rules before starting the first game. This will prevent you from any miss-management. It is also advisable if you can get a few prints of some easy games for your guests who do not know how to play poker.

Food and Drinks

Always arrange ample food and drinks, you can always go with the option of home delivery. It is always great to have some snacks always by the table. Snacks like nachos, bite sized pizza, crackers, candies, pop-corns and cookies are always very economical options. Make sure if you are inviting friends with their children, always have a few cartoon movies ready for them. Always order food in bulk, as in these parties, food is wasted a lot by friends and children. Remember your party should never be short of food.

Hosting Home Poker Games

Hosting a poker game is not just fun but a great means of gathering friends and family too. To make your party flawless, it would just require little effort and planning. If you plan your event well in advance, you will be saved from all the hassle and your friends as well as your own family will get to enjoy the party fun too.


There is no fun in any game until there is no competition, applause and reward. Today we have tournaments and world cups, for every sport one could think of. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a world-renowned series of poker championship that hold poker tournaments every year in Las Vegas, since 2005. Among many sponsors, Harrah’s Entertainment is one of the prominent ones.


Its origins dates back to 1970, when Benny Binion invited seven of the best-known poker players of United States to the Horseshoe Casino for a one tournament, within a limited time frame and winner was determined by a secret balloting.

The winner of each event receives a World Series of Poker bracelet and a cash prize based on the finances gained by the tournament sponsors and ticketing. Over the course of all these years the tournament has grown, both in the number of events, level of promotions and the number of participants. Each year the WSOP organize the “Main Event”, which since 2004 has attracted entrants from all over, numbering in the thousands. The winner receives a multi-million dollar prize and a bracelet as winning award, which has become the most coveted award a poker player can win. The winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event is basically the World Champion of Poker.

Starting in 2011, the WSOP consists of 58 events, with most major poker variants featured, though in recent years, over 50% of all the events have been variants of Texas hold ‘em. Events take place during one day or over several consecutive days during the series in June and July. However, since 2008, the Main Event final table has been delayed until November.


The 2011 World Series of Poker was held at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It was started on May 31 and ran through July 19, with the final table of the Main Event returning in November. Pius Heinz became the first German to win the main event, winning US$8.72 million.

The biggest event of the year in the WSOP is known as the Main Event. In 2011, 6,865 players from around the world participated in the WSOP Main Event, which started on July 7th in the Rio Western union agent All Suite Hotel and Casino. The entry fee was $10,000. After eight days and more than half a million hands, the final nine players were reached.

2011 WSOP Main Event Champion

In 2011, the winner of this prestigious award was Pius Heinz of PokerStars from Cologne, Germany. Pius is only 22 years old and has the honor of being the first German to win the title. He won $8,715,638 as his prize money, after his outstanding performance during two days of Finals. This amount is the third highest prize money ever paid in the history of poker to any winner. He also received gold and diamond WSOP bracelet as an emblem of his outstanding performance at WSOP. This is how the tremendous game goes on!


One of the most famous casino games played all over the world is poker. Poker is the name of a card game that can easily be played with at least two people to at most ten people. There are further different kinds of poker games with different rules and regulations like the Stud Poker, Draw Poker, and Community Card Poker. The original and most common type is the Draw Poker. This article will help you get a Coinstar fees basic understanding of how to play this popular card game. First of all you should know that like in any other field, poker too has its own terminologies and jargons. Being able to participate and play with professional players will require your ability to at least understand what each jargon means until you become a professional yourself. The most common poker terminologies include conservative play, aggressive play, bluff, action and tell.

When beginning a game at you have to decide how much money you want to place as your bet. This is called the token which is usually purchased from the casino before you start the game. The method and payment systems for this token can vary. Some people might prefer using direct cash. This cash or token, commonly called the ‘token bet’, has to be placed within the poker pot. If you are new to this game it is best to start with only betting a few cents or the lowest value allowed. Once you get more experienced and practiced you can increase the stakes and bet with more money.

The poker game will have a card distributor. At the start of the game he or she will hand out five cards to each player participating in the game. The rule is that the distributor has to start giving out cards from the person on his or her left and then go on to the right side. Each card handed out will be placed with its face down so that no one else can view the cards. Again the cards are distributed by giving each player one card and then another to everyone and so on until each player has five cards. All the remaining cards are then placed in the center.

Now you have to start playing by picking up all your cards and then placing a bet on it. This is where all the tricks and brains are to be used. The player at the left of the card distributor will be the first one to make the bet. From that person onwards to the right, each person will be making a bet. There are three different ways for betting. You can either choose to ‘raise’ the bet, ‘see’ the bet in which case the previous player will have to match your amount, or ‘fold’ the bet if you have really bad cards and do not wish to take any risks. You can also say ‘check’ which mean that you do not want to would bet. While betting, you can discard a card from your stack and take up another one from the set in placed in the center. After three rounds, the player that has the highest hand takes away the pot full of cash.

Blogging as a Tool for Product Marketing

How would you position your products in a contemporary world where technology has practically given rise to virtual denizens? How would you respond to the changes the new technology has brought to the mainstream society?

Before the advent of the mainstream use of the internet over 20 years ago, corporate marketing managers used to spend a significant amount of their expenditures on advertisements promoting their products via three major communications media namely: TV, print, and broadcast media.

When the internet became a common medium of communications in the second half of 1990s, many companies were quick to respond to the changes and exploited the technology to good use while some companies were apprehensive or even ignorant about the changes. The companies who readily responded to the new development were the ones who were mostly successful in their product campaigns through traditional method (e.g. TV or print).

In the beginning, product marketing was mainly in the form of ad banners which appear in web pages of websites with related business interest with a fixed fee for a specified period. As early as 2004 blogging became so popular that it went on to become a mainstream tool for product marketing by many companies.

The task of marketing the product of the company lies in the hands and creative minds of the marketing manager and his team. The most technologically-savvy companies adapted quickly to the new environment that has enveloped the world. They knew that the internet, more particularly blogging, can be an excellent tool that they can exploit to reach out to as many audience or consumers around the world.

Many companies today have their own corporate blogs. Blogging as a form of marketing products offers a lot of savings on the company’s annual budget on traditional advertisements. Blogging is usually free if you don’t get a top-level domain name of your own. Most big companies, however, choose to have their own top-level domain name for a few dollars for a specific period of time which is a form of a registration fee and is often renewable. The top-level domain of a corporate blog allows it to appear like a regular website.

The benefit of blogging as a medium for product marketing is manifold. Unlike a regular website which is basically static in nature, a corporate blog is dynamic where information is constantly streaming and is kept updated using a variety of tools within a blog software.

A corporate blog may include texts, photos or images and videos and even music. However some companies keep their video blogs hosted in popular video sharing sites such as YouTube. Blogs are usually successful if written in the manner by which most users can understand well, regularly updated and incorporate well-edited photo images and videos. A corporate blog should look and sound professional. It should not be laden with grammatical errors and the images and videos should also be used tastefully if and when necessary.

Although unable to supplant the effectiveness of ad banners as a marketing tool, blogging, nevertheless, has become an auxiliary marketing tool for many companies.

Getting Over Poker Addiction

There are several remedies that can work for a gambling addict. However, the person who is so hooked to poker has to first acknowledge that indeed there is a problem and the problem needs a solution. A poker player, who consistently denies playing poker only to sneak into a casino without being noticed, may be hard to help but still, he can be talked into accepting the existence of the problem.

The first people that addict needs are the closest family and friends. When an addict is determined to stop gambling, it becomes easier for him to see to it that he strives towards stopping the habit on the grounds that it might be causing trouble for him. The family needs to see him through this stage by making the fellow miss home and having fun with the people he loves. In most cases, men end up in casinos because of the tough situations in their own homes, especially nagging and over demanding wives. There are better means of solving domestic issues than trying to drown one’s sorrows in a pub or risk life’s savings in gambling.

Some people start out as petty pass time gamblers who go to casinos with friends to pass time and bond. However, in later stages, they discover the value of money that poker can fetch and they end as compulsive poker players. This can easily be reversed by doing something different to pass time, as opposed to gambling. These activities may include registering in a gym where one heads to after a day’s work as opposed to the casino. By so doing, the unpleasant behavior is replaced by the good value-adding behavior which has no risks.

Further to that, poker addicts can conduct a reality check on themselves and as a result, help get over the poker obsession. In case a player has been gambling for some months, there are indicators that may show if there have been benefits or constant losses. A team that continuously loses every game may not be worth cheering at all as it causes more problems to the funs than joy. If a player has lost more money than he has won in like six months, then poker is not doing him any good. It may be fun, but losing one game after another is a red light. What of the family and friends? Are they happy? A reality check would enable someone weigh the cons and pros and decide on the next move.

Since most poker players are into the game for financial reasons, finding another source of income can be helpful. This can be done by investing into a real business of interest so that a stable stream of income is realized. The business should be an activity that thrills the person so that he may love overseeing its operations. Capital may be a problem but getting a bank loan to open up a business is more reasonable than borrowing money from people to gamble with.

Poker addiction can realize some benefits to the addicts especially if the player feels more motivated and wins money from it. However, if the addiction threatens someone’s financial freedom, then it needs to be avoided like plaque.

Improve Your Chances to Win At Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular games available today. This game can be found at casinos across the country and is a staple for any online casino. There are also several sites that have video poker games don’t involve money at all. People play it simply for fun or tokens to be used at the site hosting the game. It’s also very easy to learn how to play video poker adding to broad appeal. By following a few simple tips anyone can improve their chances of winning big when playing video poker.

The most important thing for anyone to remember is to take your time. There is no time limit on making decisions so don’t rush through the game. Slow down and make the best choices for the cards that have been dealt.

When people play video poker they are often tempted to keep a kicker. A kicker is an additional card that a player keeps in addition to whatever pair they have. By keeping a kicker the player risks ruining any chances they have of getting a three of a kind.

Before you start playing make sure you understand how the Western union point machine works. Some video poker machines use a hold button, while others will have a discard button. Becoming familiar with how the machine works before you start playing reduces the risks of costly mistakes. The majority of machines in use today will use a hold button, but it’s better to check before playing.

Double check your cards before hitting the draw button. You want to make sure that the hold is lit up for all the cards that you want to keep. These cards will be kept, while the rest of the hand is thrown away and replaced with new cards.

New players should start with small bets. You want to get a feel for the game and make sure that you understand all the rules before raising the amount of your bets. Once you are comfortable with the game you can then increase your bets and hopefully win more money.

The more that you bet the more that you’ll win. The maximum amount allowed various between video poker machines. Find one that has the maximum that you’re willing bet and play that one. Don’t ever bet the maximum amount on a machine that costs more than you can afford.

Video machines deal the cards in a completely random way. These are generated from a cycling string of numbers. Once a game button is pushed the cycle stop and that is the card that is displayed. This keeps the odds of winning equal between all the different hands.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about video poker is to play responsibly. Video poker can be a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon, but all the fun disappears when it becomes an addiction. By setting a limit and sticking to it anyone can enjoy their time at the casino and maybe even win big.

5 Things to Know When Thinking about Blogging

Blogging can be a great thing for anyone to do. It’s an amazing way to share information, stories, events, reviews, and much, much more. However, blogging isn’t as easy as you may think it is. Maintaining a blog requires more than just jotting down a few words every now and then. That doesn’t mean it should feel like work, but you should have a decent level of commitment before you start. There are a handful of things you should know to help you get started and stay on track.

The first thing you need to know is that it is important to figure out your focus ahead of time. That doesn’t mean you have to have some grand goal in mind when you start your blog, you should just know what you want to do. If you just want to have a small blog that you share with friends and family that just contains your thoughts about your life, then that’s fine. However, if what you want is a themed blog that talks about something in particular, then you should know that ahead of time.

The next important thing that you should think about is who your audience is. Different topics will appeal to different audiences. If you have no particular audience and you’re just blogging to put your thoughts down into physical form, then whatever topic you feel like writing about is fine. However, if you are making a blog specifically to attract a large audience, then you should make sure the topic you want to write about can bring in that many readers.

The third guideline you’ll want to follow for your blog is to try to offer something unique. I know that you’re thinking everything has already been said, so how can you say anything new. The uniqueness of your blog isn’t the content; it’s how you say it. Just because people are reading what you have to say instead of listening to it doesn’t mean you can’t add a unique tone. Imagine how you speak, and try to bring that same energy and tone to your writing and people will love it.

Another important tip for blogging is to try to maintain it if you want people to keep reading. One of the most disappointing things for fans of any form of entertainment is an unsatisfying end. For as long as you consider your blog active, try to update it, even if it’s just a few sentences. If you feel you just can’t update any more, and then let your readers know so they have some closure.

The final thing you should keep in mind is that no matter how great your blog is, you won’t get a million readers over night. If you are providing entertaining content with a unique voice, then there’s a very good chance you will succeed, but you need to give it time.

Blogging is something that can be very fun and rewarding. As long as you put some thought into your blog, you will have no trouble accomplishing what you want to.